Cheese Paneer Parantha

Rich in Nutrition : Carbohydrate , Protein

Recipe can be use For : Evening Nourishment I , Breakfast


Ingredient Ingredient-Unit Qty Calculated-Qty Substitute
Water Cup 1.00 200 Gram ---
Coriander Leaves Cup 1.00 200 Gram ---
Cheese 1 Slice 1.00 28 Gram ---
Paneer Cup 1.00 200 Gram ---
Wheat Flour Cup 3.00 600 Gram ---

Nutritive Value

Energy 773.203199 kcal
Carbohydrate 421.733145 Gram
Fat 60.027998 Gram
Protein 122.547997 Gram
Calcium 1.005200 Gram
Phosphorous 2.693600 Gram
Iron 0.032828 Gram


In a big bowl, take all dough ingredients and knead them into a soft dough. Keep it a side

  1. In another bowl, mix all stuffing ingredients properly
  2. Now roll 2 paratha of medium size. Keep 1 separate. .
  3. Take a portion of the stuffing mixture. Spread it all over the paratha evenly leaving the edge.
  4. Keep the other paratha which is kept separate over the stuffing. Join both parathas edges with your fingers slowly. Be sure that the edges are stuck to each other properly as cheese may overflow if its loose.
  5. Roll again to even out.
  6. Keep it in warm tawa, apply butter and your paratha is ready now

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