eggless wheat flour pancakes

Rich in Nutrition : Energy , Protein

Recipe can be use For : Evening Nourishment I , Breakfast


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1.  Take a bowl and mix all the dry ingredients( wheat flour,cinnamon powder,baking powder,salt & sugar)Now add the wet ingredients namely oil,water,melted butter,vanilla essence and milk.

2. Mix with a whisk gently.Do not over beat it.The consistency of batter would be thick at the same time it should be pourable as shown in the picture.Adjust the quantity of milk based on the flour u use.But add 1-2 tbsp extra and definitely not more than that.

3. After mixing the batter,rest it for 10 minutes which is very important. The baking powder will react with other ingredients and gives you a fluffy pancake.

4. Heat a dosa pan. I used non-stick pan here.Iron griddle works the best.Make sure the pan is not over heated.To check the right temperature of the pan,just sprinkle few drops of water & if the water sizzles slightly,pan is just right.

  • Never let the pan smoke.Heat of the pan is very very important to get nice colored,uniformly cooked pancakes.If your pan is over heated,u will not be able to make round pancakes.Shape won’t be proper.Also the color of pancakes turn dark brown.
  • In case if the pan is over heated,switch off the flame for sometime & then make pancakes.It will come out well.Also u should cook the pancakes only in low to medium flame.

5. Grease the pan with butter and simmer the flame completely.Then pour the batter.Spread the batter lightly with a back of ladle but the pancake should

6. Keep the flame low & cook one side till u see bubbles all over the pancake.Now flip it.U will see the golden colored top.Cook the other side for few seconds and remove in a plate.

7. Serve it with butter & syrup/Honey.

be thick enough.So do it carefully.


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