About Us

Healthy Bachpan is a complete guide towards development of preschoolers which has evolved after years of extensive research under the guidance of experienced nutritionists and pediatricians. Early childhood is a critical period for the child’s growth and development. Healthy Bachpan aims at improving physical, mental and most importantly nutritional status of children (2-6 years) by providing a complete package of preschool nutrition, health and fitness education. Family members, teachers and child care staff play an eminent role in shaping the future of young children therefore it is important that they are knowledgeable about nutritional needs and physical activities required for preschoolers. This website includes:

Growth Tracker- Reveals your child's growth compared with other boys or girls of the same age as per the WHO and CDC growth standards.

Meal Planner- Formulates a plan covering foods from all groups in a proper proportion to meet growth and developmental needs of pre-schoolers.

Vaccination Tracker- Keeps track of your child’s shots and ensures you don’t miss any vaccine.

Yoga- To ensure the overall fitness and health of preschool children, Yoga guide will be a comprehensive tool for parents, teachers and child care staff.

Blog- Healthy Bachpan Blog will  always be there to create awareness and disseminate knowledge about recent researches and studies on  growth and development, nutrition, health and fitness of preschool children.

Mum’s Corner- This feature of Healthy Bachpan facilitates you to cherish lovely memories of child rearing practices, parent child relationships and child fostering.

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